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electr0plankton's Journal

Electroplankton: Curiosity or Musical Genius?
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What is Electroplankton?
It is an application for the Nintendo DS. Currently a Japanese only title.

What does it do?
Well if you tap, drag, spin, talk and play with the little planktons they will create music.

So is this a game?
That's the hardest question to answer. Electroplankton is more interactive art than anything else. Your experience will change as you fiddle with it.

What do I do here?
Well, you can talk about this awesome Nintendo DS game/application/thing. Also feel free to post songs, pictures, how to bloom a flower etc etc. I just didn't want to clog up nintendo_ds with my Electroplankton babblings.

Maintainer: sorakirei

A big *thibbbbbbit* to the person behind electroplankton. What's the point of taking the name if you don't do anything with it.